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The MV Active Pass

is outfitted with a 671 GM motor (rebuilt engine 2015) and cruises at 8 knots. The aft deck is 5.2m X 4.2m area which is used to carry heavy equipment and also provides a large platform for sampling for both marine research and industrial applications The boom, drum winch and A Frame Arch have an engineered certification of Safe Working Load (SWL) of 1600lbs . It has good accommodations for up to 4 guests overnight. It's onboard electrical power (110V) is provided by a 12kw light plant. The vessel is equipped with a desalinator to produce 8 gallons fresh water an hour, microwave,fridge and freezer.  We added a 6 person inflatable with a 4HP  four stroke motor outboard a heavy duty hauler for deployment and retrieval of equipment and for using van veen grabs for acquiring core samples. We added a viewing station on top of the wheelhouse for monitoring marine mammal and marine birds.

Conditions of Transport Canada


Operation of the MV Active Pass is in compliance with Transport Canada regulations has:

· 1 Master Limited for a vessel limited for 60 Gross Tonnage

· 1 Engineer as a small vessel machinery operator (SVMO)

· 1 Deckhand with Basic Safety (MED A1)

· ( Master or Deckhand may act in a dual capacity as engineer providing they have a SVMO certificate. )

· 12 man life raft that is inspected and serviced annually

· Full compliment of fire equipment including fire suppression system, fire extinguishers and a pump and fire hose.

·  20 foot aluminum tuffer boat with 4 stroke 115 4 stroke outboard , GPS plot charter, Lowrance sounder, VHF and radar.

· 12 adult life jackets and 4 child life jackets

· Orientation drills for safety on vessel, fire protection, man overboard drill and life raft procedures.

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