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Bart Proctor, owner of Active Pass Charters has a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of British Columbia and is a Registered Professional biologist (#1660) with the College of Applied Biology British Columbia. He has a certificate for Environmental Monitoring for Construction Projects from Malaspina College.

He has written many proposals and managed many different projects including the North Coast Stream Inventory Program, Kloiya Creek Enhancement Program, Oona River Stream Inventory Program, and the Prince Rupert Beach Seining Foreshore Study.

He has participated in a number of studies and coauthored reports that were instrumental in establishing a baseline for sea lice on the North Coast.

Also, he helped develop a special OFL trawl net for marine use that has a live box for capturing juvenile salmonid that has been used though out the North Coast and River’s Inlet. He uses his 36' vessel Pacific Coast for deploying this special net that ensures minimal damage to juvenile salmonids

Mr. Proctor was a commercial fisherman for over twenty years and he has fished herring, halibut, salmon and crabs as an owner/operator. He was a fisheries technician for five years in the late 1970's and early 1980's and has extensive knowledge in running marine vessels.

OFL Trawl Net Deployment


Salmon Farms and Sea Lice: A baseline report of the incidence of sea lice on juvenile salmonids on British Columbia's North Coast

Coho Rearing Productivity and Biodiversity: For the North Coast Land Resource Mangement Plans

Sockeye Salmon Juveniles in Chatham Sound 2007

Effects of Host Migration, Diversity and Aquaculture on Sea Lice 2007

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