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Active Pass Charters is a business that is located on the North Coast of British Columbia, Canada. The business engages in both marine science work, ecotourism and sportfishing. Active Pass Charters has 3 vessels: The MV Active Pass a current Transport Canada Certification till May 2026 is a 56 foot vessel for carrying up to nine passengers.

The vessel has also completed an International Marine Contractor Association (IMCA) inspection for workboats. The vessel range of operation is the North coast of British Columbia to Queen Charlotte Sound including Haida Gwai.

Active Pass Charters has a Transport Canada registered 37 foot vessel the Pacific Coast that is used for research trawling in acquiring information on juvenile pelagic fish and other benthic organisms. It also has a Transport Canada registered 20 feet aluminum vessel that is used for support in marine environmental and oceanography studies and ecotourism and sportfishing activity.  In 2024 we plan to operate fishing and ecotourism operations out of Oona River and tours down to Kumealeon Inlet in Grenvile Channel and down to the very remote and beautifual Anger Island area. 



  • Marine and Oceanographic Research

  • Ecotourism and Sportsfishing

  • Overnight accommodations for up to four people - for extended trips

  • Marine Geological Surveys and Sampling

  • Freight Services Floating camp for small industrial operations

  • Ferry service for up to ten passengers and their freight

  • Research trawling for juvenile marine species for environmental studies.

  • Small vessel support for projects involved in the LNG sectors and other industrial projects.

  • New in 2024 Ecotourism and Fishing

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